The Troops of Saint George bases its uniform design on its slogan: Virtus. Honor. Fraternitas.

  • Virtus: Our uniform signifies the virtues we seek to acquire, particularly the virtues of:
    • Prudence: our uniform is practical and appropriate to our activities
    • Fortitude: our uniform inspires courage and adventure
    • Humility: our uniform is neither flamboyant nor haughty
    • Simplicity: our uniform conforms to Roman simplicity
    • Diligence: our uniform should be earned, not given
  • Honor: The uniform does not look like a child’s costume. It is rooted in and respectful to tradition. Rank and Position insignia will be visible and easily identifiable.
  • Fraternitas: As an international apostolate, our troops belong to various nations and regions. The uniform is a visible sign of our unified pilgrimage together to fulfill Christ’s desire for us to grow in virtue and in our Holy Catholic faith as we journey toward heaven.

In keeping with the Trinity, the Troops of Saint George has 3 uniforms, and in a way, only one. As you will see illustrated below, in wearing the Class A Uniform, you will be wearing the Class B and C Uniforms at the same time.


In keeping with fraternitas, Troops are not allowed to stray from the published norms of the Troops of Saint George. Our uniform must in fact be uni-formis et concolor. Troops that have purchased uniforms before the initial publication of this Policy are allowed to continue to wear those uniforms, but they should not purchase further uniforms that do not conform to this policy. They should work towards the eventual adoption of this policy by all members of their Troop.

Field Uniform

In keeping with the virtues of prudence, fortitude, humility, and simplicity, the official uniform of the Troops of Saint George is a field uniform. It should be presentable enough to wear to Holy Mass and on processions, but it is first and foremost a field uniform. It will be worn at all meetings, ceremonies, outings and service projects by all Officers, Tribunes, and Cadets, the exceptions being those activities where special clothing and gear are necessary, or those in which the participants are guaranteed to get extremely messy. For the latter occasions, see the section on the Class B “work” Uniforms.

Functional, Comfortable, and Practical

In keeping with the virtue of prudence, the Class A field uniform is functional, comfortable, and practical for all the occasions it will be worn for. The materials of the official uniform pieces are appropriate for outdoor activities. The field uniform works as a top layer for most activities, and as a middle layer for activities in cold or precipitation. Care should be taken in selecting items for nonofficial clothing worn with the uniform (e.g.: base layers, fleeces, etc.). Cotton is to be avoided. Wool is acceptable. The best material for outdoor activities is a modern synthetic fabric that is quick-drying and moisture-wicking.


In keeping with the virtue of prudence, the TSG uniform colors are earth-toned, natural, and subdued. The official uniform color is Olive Drab Green.

A Uniform that should be Earned, not Given

In keeping with the virtue of diligence, boys should not be simply given uniforms by their Troop or their parents/guardians. Cadets should earn their uniforms. Cadets could mow lawns, wash cars, shovel walks, etc. in their neighborhoods to earn money for their uniform. If these options are not practical, the boy should agree to a specific set of chores around the house in exchange for his parents/guardians buying his uniform for him. Cadets who earn their uniform will respect the TSG uniform more, take more pride in their uniform’s appearance, and take better care of their uniform.

Rooted in and Respectful to Tradition

In keeping with Honor, the Class A field uniform and insignia are – while remaining functional and practical –founded in tradition. One of the values we wish to instill in our Troops is respect for tradition, not only that of our Holy Mother the Church, but that which has been handed down to us in our families and in the groups to which we belong.

Easy Identification of Rank

In keeping with Honor, rank insignia have been chosen that allow for easy identification. The need for easy identification is twofold. First, the Cadets will take their ranks and positions more seriously the more obvious they are. Secondly, for the good discipline and safety of the Troop, the Cadets need to be able to find their fellow patrol cadets, as well as their Youth and Adult leaders easily.


In keeping with Honor, our uniform is an adult-styled uniform. Boys are much more willing to wear a uniform if it looks like something an adult would wear, and they see the men of their Troop wearing the same uniform. The uniform of the Troops of Saint George is not based on the styles of the times; it does not attempt to be relevant or “hip.” It is a uniform that both the boys and men of the Troop will be proud to wear.



The Class A Sixka® (by 707 Tactical Gear http://www.sixkausa.com) Uniform shirt, pants and optional shorts are manufactured from 65% polyester / 35% cotton fade resistant materials with rip stop fabric. These materials have a Teflon® finish for stain resistance and water repellency.


The Class A Field Uniform consists of the following components:

  • Official Class A Field Uniform shirt (Figure 1) with:
    • Standard Shields and Patches
    • Rank Insignia
    • The Tribune Medal, if earned (“Formal” dress)
    • During the warm season, and in keeping with prudence, the troop’s adult leadership may approve the rolling of the Class A shirt sleeve by the complete troop for uniformity. The roll is to be neat/tight, to the elbow and not to cover any patches.
  • Official Class B Uniform T-Shirt as an undershirt
  • Official Class A Field Uniform pants (Figure 2)
  • Optional Official Class A Field Uniform shorts (Figure 3)
  • Rothco Olive Drab Green Field Uniform “Boonie” Hat (Figure 4 – shown below with stock Velcro piece removed and TSG Shield sewn on)
  • Knife, Pen, and Rosary
  • Black (or Brown) leather belt with optional knife scabbard
  • Olive drab socks (or other dark color)
  • Black (or Brown) Boots



The Class B uniform is made up of an official TSG T-Shirt from 100% cotton and the Class A & B Sixka® (by 707 Tactical Gear http://www.sixkausa.com) Uniform pants and optional shorts are manufactured from 65% polyester / 35% cotton fade resistant materials with rip stop fabric. These pants and short materials have a Teflon® finish for stain resistance and water repellency.


The Class B “Work” Uniform consists of the following components:

  • Official Class B Uniform T-Shirt (Figure 5)
  • Official Class A Field Uniform pants (Figure 2)
  • Optional Official Class A Field Uniform shorts (Figure 3)
  • Field Uniform Hat (TSG HQ is working on a “boonie” hat version for the official uniform cover) or Optional Olive Drab Green ball cap.
  • Knife, Pen, and Rosary
  • Black (or Brown) leather belt with optional knife scabbard
  • Olive drab socks (or other dark color)
  • Black (or Brown) Boots or other appropriate footwear dependent on the activity



Materials will vary based on your choosing as you wear your Rosary, knife and pen. This uniform is an exercise in Troops of Saint George everyday preparedness, and should be worn by all of us most of the time.


The Class C “Everyday” Uniform consists of the following components:

  • Rosary
  • Knife
  • Pen
  • Appropriate footwear

Knife, Pen, and Rosary

In keeping with the Troops of Saint George Motto of “Parati Semper,” all three uniforms include three specific items that ensure the wearer of the uniform is “Prepared Always”.


An Officer, Tribune, or Cadet is not in full field uniform unless they have a pocket knife in a pocket or scabbard. New members of the Troop should receive knife safety training as soon as possible after joining the Troop so that they may wear their knife. Knives may be worn in belt sheathes or in pockets.


An Officer, Tribune, or Cadet is not in full field uniform unless they have a pen on their person. The pen should normally be worn in the left breast pocket of the field uniform shirt.

Rosary Beads

The Rosary is the sine qua non of the TSG uniform. This most important feature of all three uniforms is unseen to the observer—it signifies its owner’s deep and hidden devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. An Officer, Tribune, or Cadet is not in full field uniform unless they have their Rosary beads on their person. We want to indoctrinate in the Troops the habit of always having their rosary on hand. Any Rosary is acceptable, though durable, hard-to-tangle Rosaries such as cord rosaries are highly recommended. The Troop or Patrol does not need to have matching Rosary beads, however, this is certainly not discouraged.

Black Leather Belt

The Field Uniform should be worn with a black (or brown as necessary) leather belt. Custom buckles are allowed as long as they are appropriate (Captain/Troop discretion). A scabbard for easy access to a pocket knife or multi-tool is recommended, but not required.

Field Uniform Footwear

The Troops of Saint George will be spending a lot of time outdoors, much of it hiking and in rugged activity. Proper footwear is very important to prevent injury and ensure comfort and endurance in the outdoors.


Most socks today, including “athletic socks,” are made of cotton. Not only will they lose all warming ability when they get wet, they stay wet. Wet cotton socks can also cause foot injuries if worn for hiking over a long distance. Wool and/or synthetic hiking socks are a must for long treks, and should be reserved for TSG activities only to ensure their longevity. Socks worn with the field uniform should be olive drab/green (or other dark color).

Hiking Boots

Many outdoors stores sell hiking boots in adult and child sizes for very reasonable prices, and if they are reserved for outings, they will last at least until the boy grows out of them. If they are not waterproof out of the box, they should be treated with a waterproofing spray before the first outing. Black boots are preferred, but any earth-tone color is acceptable. Bright colors are to be avoided, both in the boots and the laces.

Sneakers Policy

Sneakers are not proper footwear for most outdoor activities, especially where there is a chance that they will get wet. The result of wearing sneakers on campouts is often an uncomfortable or injured boy and a ruined pair of sneakers. For this reason, sneakers, jogging shoes, or tennis shoes are to be refrained from unless in a sports activity. They should not be worn with the Field Uniform.

Other Footwear

Riding or cowboy boots may be worn with the Feld Uniform for horseback riding activities. Moccasins and sandals may be worn in camp around the fire for comfort.

Base Layer

Much has been said in this policy about the dangers of cotton, and those dangers extend to the base layer under the field uniform. Synthetic, quick-drying, moisture-wicking underwear can greatly add to comfort and safety on a long outing. These are obviously not a part of the uniform, but it is recommended that members of the Troop have at least one pair of underwear and one undershirt made of synthetic materials.


Insignia Philosophy

We strive for Roman simplicity. The Field Uniform shirt should look like a camp shirt, not a  billboard. A plethora of brightly-colored patches would contradict our uniform’s purpose as  functional outdoor clothing. Unauthorized insignia may not be worn on the uniform. All TSG insignia  and awards should be blessed by the Troop Chaplain, preferably in the presence of the boys during an Installment Ceremony.

Patrol Rank vs. Leadership Position Rank

Patrol Rank refers to the level of achievements a Cadet, Tribune Candidate, or Tribune has earned.  See Rankings and Requirements for Junior Cadets and Ranking System for Senior Cadets (6th grade and  up) for details on these ranks.

Leadership Position Rank refers to the role the individual fills in the Troop outlined in the
Officer’s Handbook. For convenience, TSG is employing the standard U.S. military rank. These  subdued collar rank pins may be found online or at your local Army Navy store in the 1 inch  variety.

The adult leadership positions in a Troop are:

  • Captain / Adult Leader of the entire Troop (Figure 6)
  • 1st Lieutenant / Assistant and second in command to the Captain (Figure 7)
  • 2nd Lieutenants/ Junior Cadet Patrol Leaders, Religious Coordinator and Campout /
    Activities Coordinator (Figure 8)

The elected youth leadership positions of the Senior Cadets are:

  • Sergeant / Youth Leader of the Senior Cadets (Figure 9)
  • Corporal / Assistant to the Youth Sergeant (Figure 10)
  • Private 1st Class / Patrol Leader (Figure 11)
  • Private / Assistant Patrol Leader Figure 12)112

Insignia Types

TSG insignia will come in these basic types:

  • Basic TSG Insignia Shields / Patches
  • Patrol Rank and Achievement Course Insignia Patches
  • Leadership Position Rank Collar Pins
  • Local Troop Patches
  • Tribune Medal / Shield
  • Non-Uniform Patches
  • Shoulder Cords (worn by the National Executive Team and Founder)

Attaching Patches

Patches that are allowed to be attached to the Field Uniform should be sewn on by the boys
themselves. Juniors of the 1st-3rd grade can assist a parent, but by the 4th grade boys should be able to sew their patches on neatly and securely. It is a skill that will serve them well should they need to mend their clothing or equipment in the field. See Appendix A for patch placement diagrams.

Wearing Medals

Medals are only worn for ceremonies, not for regular meetings or outings. Currently, the Tribune medal is the lone TSG medal. See Appendix A for medal placement diagrams.

Basic TSG Insignia Shields / Patches

All of these patches should be requested through TSG HQ to ensure uniformity.

National Flag

2016-10-01-tsg-uniform-guidelines-pdf-adobe-acrobatThe flag of the nation is affixed to the right arm of the uniform, centered and 2 inches below the shoulder to sleeve seem. Your country’s flag should not be muted, subdued or camouflage. In absence of local law or custom, the flag should be in “advancing” format, so that it appears as though it is being carried forward (i.e. for the U.S. Flag, the star field should be in the upper right hand corner).

TSG Shield (Patch)

2016-10-01-tsg-uniform-guidelines-pdf-adobe-acrobatThe TSG Shield is affixed centered and ½ inch above the left breast pocket and figuratively over the heart. The Shield may also be affixed to the Field Uniform “boonie” Hat centered on the front of the crown. A TSG Shield bordered with gold honors the troops chartered in the inaugural year. All others will be bordered in silver.

Patrol Rank and Achievement Course Insignia Patches

The Junior Cadet Rank Patches and Achievement Course Stars should be requested through TSG HQ to ensure uniformity.

Junior Cadet Rank Patches

Junior Cadet Rank patches are shield-shaped patches awarded at the beginning of the program year to Junior Cadets who have completed their rank requirements from the previous year. This patch will be affixed on the left arm, centered and 1/2 inch below the Local Troop patch. Until the permanent Dragon Slayer patch is awarded, TSG suggests affixing the Junior Cadet Rank patches with Velcro.

Senior Cadet Patrol Patch

This is an optional patch designed by the Senior Cadets as they name their patrol after a Blessed or Saint. The patch must be equal (or smaller) to the size and shape of the Dragon Slayer size and shape. This patch will be affixed on the right arm, centered and 1 inch below the National Flag patch.

Achievement Course Stars

As each of the 4 total Silver AC star patches are secured (one star for each 4 AC’s completed), affix evenly spaced one half inch above the right breast pocket with the singular point raised towards heaven. Two of the stars to be lined with the left and right edge, with the remaining two being evenly spaced in the middle.

2016-10-01-tsg-uniform-guidelines-pdf-adobe-acrobatIn keeping with the father/guardian and son Troops of Saint George mission, as a father /guardian completes the Achievement Course requirements alongside his son, the youth cadet will receive a Silver Achievement Course Star patch with a Gold border for every 4 Achievement Courses completed together to signify to all their partnership. To secure this special award, the father / guardian must participate in ALL four Achievement Courses completed for each star achieved.

Leadership Position Rank Collar Pins

As shown on page 11 of the Uniform Guidelines, the 1 one inch subdued rank pins based on the Senior Cadet or Adult leader’s role, will be placed centered and 1 inch from the collar tip with an imaginary line drawn through the middle of the pin from the tip to the neck.

Local Troop Patches

As your local Troop designs its Troop number patch, affix centered on the left arm and 2 inches below the shoulder to sleeve seam. As to design, the total footprint of the patch should not exceed 2 inches tall and 3 ½ inches wide, below shape and may not include a red background.

Tribune Medal / Shield Patch

2016-10-01-tsg-uniform-guidelines-pdf-adobe-acrobatWhen the Tribune has been earned, the Tribune patch will be worn centered vertically and horizontally on the right breast pocket. See Appendix A. The Tribune medal will be worn on a ribbon in ceremonial events. This Tribune medal / patch should be requested through TSG HQ to ensure uniformity.

Non-Uniform Patches

Non-Uniform patches are any patch awarded by TSG or the local Troop that is not specifically mentioned in this policy as a Uniform Patch. Cadets will earn many patches in TSG beyond those that are allowed on the uniform. These will include Troop outing patches and any others collected during your TSG tenure. Cadets are encouraged to collect these, and to attach them to a “patch blanket,” which the Cadet can bring on outings for warmth and to show off his patches.