Rankings and Requirements for Cadets

Below you’ll find the rankings and requirements the Junior Cadets (ages 6-10) in the Troops of Saint George. A boy cannot become a Junior Cadet in the Troops of Saint George until he reaches his sixth birthday. In order to understand a cadet’s entrance into his Patrol, we will need to explore two possible scenarios:

  • Cadets new to the Troops of Saint George – If entering at the Saint Matthew level, they are required to complete all requirements. In the event a Cadet enters into a Junior Patrol at a level higher than Saint Matthew (due to age and grade), the new Cadet must complete the Mandatory requirements for each patrol he passed. The Troop Captain, 1st Lieutenant, or his patrol’s 2nd Lieutenant, should properly vet the new Cadet by verifying the completion of ALL mandatory requirements prior to awarding the cadet with his patrol patch. Although the other requirements are not “mandatory”, their completion is highly encouraged to aid the Cadets’ formation.
  • Current Cadets, whom have re-chartered with their troop are required to have completed ALL requirements before promotion can ensue.

A note on Junior Cadet Requirements.

At the Troop’s Captain’s discretion, a requirement may be waived based on a youth’s ability in order to advance with his patrol, however, all mandatory requirements must be completed.

**The following requirements will be noted as “Mandatory requirements” if they are underlined**

Requirements by Patrol for Junior Cadets

St Matthews Angels Shield

Grade 1: Saint Matthew’s Angels (6-7 years)

  1. Recite the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be by memory.
  2. Learn and say the Saint George motto and law.
  3. Learn the Saint George Trinitarian Salute and explain its symbolism.
  4. Complete a knife safety course with your Troop.

St Marks Lions ShieldGrade 2: Saint Mark’s Lions (7-8 years)

*Complete the mandatory requirements for Saint Matthew’s Angels along with the following:


  1. Recite the Apostles’ Creed, 7 Sacraments, and Act of Contrition from memory.
  2. Explain in your own words to your Troop Captain or Patrol Lieutenant the difference between mortal sin, venial sin, and original sin.
  3. Explain in your own words to your Troop Captain or Patrol Lieutenant how the Body and Blood of Christ, after the consecration, is different from normal bread and wine.
  4. Make Your First Confession **
  5. Receive Your First Communion **

** If your local parish offers this sacrament at a later age, the sacrament must be completed at the parish’s prescribed age / grade level or as soon as possible if a convert to the Catholic Church.


  1. Learn how to throw a football and baseball.
  2. Learn how to score a basket in basketball.
  3. Learn how to dribble a soccer ball.
  4. Record how high and far you can jump.
  5. Learn how to Greco-Roman wrestle with your fellow cadets.
  6. Swim 25 feet.
  7. Tread water for 10 seconds.
  8. Run 1 kilometer (0.62 miles).
  9. Learn how much you weigh and keep track of your weight for one month through a weekly weigh in at approximately the same time of day each week.
  10. Learn the basic food groups.


  1. Learn about the symbolism of your nation’s flag.
  2. Learn your nation’s patriotic pledge.
  3. Learn how to properly fold and store your national flag.
  4. Participate in a flag ceremony for your patrol.

Manly Skills

  1. Point out and name the following tools: Pliers, Crescent wrench, Screwdriver, Bench vise, Coping saw, Drill bit, Hammer, Hand saw, Hand drill, C-clamp, Wood plane.
  2. Hammer a nail into a board (without bending it) and then remove it with the claw.
  3. Show how to use pliers.
  4. Know the difference between the Philips head and a flathead screwdriver.
  5. Help an adult prepare a meal on a grill outside.

St Lukes Oxen Shield

Grade 3: St. Luke’s Oxen (8-9 years)

*Complete the mandatory requirements for Saint Matthew’s Angels and Saint Mark’s Lions along with the following:


  1. Recite the Angel of God prayer from memory.
  2. Explain in your own words to your Troop Captain or Patrol Lieutenant the difference between Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.
  3. Explain in your own words to your Troop Captain or Patrol Lieutenant how God is a Trinity of Divine Persons.*
  4. Lead a decade of the Rosary for your family or patrol. Announce the mystery, and then lead the Our Father, Hail Mary’s, Glory Be, and O My Jesus (Fatima Prayer).


  1. Run 1 mile or 1.6 kilometers without stopping.
  2. Do 20 consecutive push-ups. Keep training until you can do them consecutively.
  3. Organize a push-ups competition in your neighborhood or with your patrol.
  4. Organize a race in your neighborhood or with your patrol. Make rules so that it’s fair and find out who can run the fastest of all. Congratulate him and be a good sport.


  1. Discover if there are any saints from your nation or ethnicity. Learn his or her story and tell it to your family or patrol. Begin asking for the intercession of your national saints.
  2. Name your state or nation’s official bird, tree, and flower.
  3. Describe your nation’s flag. Are there any Christian symbols in it?


  1. Organize a family fun night. Choose the food, location, activities, and games.
  2. Learn the names of your grandparents and great-grandparents if you can.
  3. Go grocery shopping with a parent/guardian or other adult member of your family. Learn how to choose healthy fruits and vegetables.
  4. Keep a record of how you spend money for 2 weeks.

Manly Skills

  1. Write a Thank You Note for a gift you have received.
  2. Carve a piece of wood into something interesting.
  3. Change a tire on a bicycle or help change a car tire with an adult.
  4. Learn how to coil a rope and a garden hose.

St Johns Eagles Shield

Grade 4: St. John’s Eagles (9-10 years)

*Complete the mandatory requirements for Saint Matthew’s Angels, Saint Mark’s Lion’s and Saint Luke’s Oxen along with the following:


  1. Take a class or be trained on how to serve the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. All cadets should have a burning desire to serve Christ as an altar boy. Troops should sponsor classes for boys on how to reverently serve at the altar according to the rubrics of Holy Mother Church.
  2. Explain 3 activities that help you grow closer to God. Explain why?
  3. Pray every night for 30 days. Explain what you learned to your Captain or Patrol Lieutenant.


  1. Plan a week of meals with the help of your parents/guardians.
  2. Explain to your family what a healthy balanced meal looks like.
  3. Keep a record of your meals and snacks for seven days. Are you a healthy eater?
  4. Explain to your family the dangers of drugs and how they would affect your ability to think clearly.
  5. What would you do if someone offered you drugs? Talk about this with your parents/guardians and your patrol.


  1. Organize and lead a flag ceremony for your Troop.
  2. Learn the name of your president, local governor, and local mayor.
  3. Learn the story behind your nation’s national anthem.
  4. How do you report a crime or accident? What number should you call?
  5. Write a 1 page essay: Why is your nation important to you? Your Captain or Patrol Lieutenant should read it and give you feedback.


  1. Discuss family finances with a parent or guardian.
  2. Learn about your family’s food budget. With an adult, figure out how much it costs for each person in your home to eat one meal.
  3. Discuss and explain the dangers of debt with a parent or guardian.

Manly Skills

  1. Learn a card trick. Perform it successfully for your patrol.
  2. Create a survival packet with things that you would need in a survival situation: string, batteries, flashlight, knife, cup, etc.
  3. Learn how to make a fist and throw a punch. Discuss with your parents/guardians, officers, and patrol when fighting is allowed and not allowed.
  4. With the help of an adult, use a power drill to drill holes in a board and insert and remove screws.
  5. Learn how to identify different drill bits by size and style.
  6. Make a model of a car, plane, building, outdoor landscape, etc.

St Georges Dragon Slayers Shield

Grade 5: St. George’s Dragon Slayers (10-11 years)

This is a transition year. The Junior Cadet prepares himself to be a Senior Cadet. By April 23rd of that year, he should have completed the following to fully exemplify the rank of the “Saint George Dragon Slayer” – the highest rank for Junior Cadets.

*Complete the mandatory requirements for Saint Matthew’s Angels, Saint Mark’s Lion’s, Saint Luke’s Oxen and Saint John’s Eagles along with the following:


  1. Recite the Mysteries of the Rosary.
  2. Serve Holy Mass as an altar boy 3 times.
  3. Research the lives of various saints. Choose a saint for your Confirmation name.
  4. Learn the legend of Saint George by heart and tell the story to your family and patrol. Know the details of the dragon, the princess, his chastity, and his martyrdom.
  5. What does the dragon represent?
  6. Explain in your own words the difference between angels and demons. Why did Satan tempt Adam and Eve? Why does Satan still tempt us?
  7. Formally consecrate yourself to Mary. To symbolize this as a Cadet dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, begin wearing the Miraculous Medal and Scapular if you do not already.
  8. Build or improve upon your family’s altar inside your home. Make sure that it is beautiful and acquire flowers and candles for it.
  9. If you don’t have one already, ask your family for a holy water stoup in your home. Use the holy water to make the sign of the cross daily. You are becoming a soldier of Christ.


  1. Sign up for an organized sport – baseball, soccer, track, etc.
  2. Explain to your Captain or Patrol Lieutenant what is meant by “good sportsmanship.”
  3. Attend a live college-level or professional sports game with your father, grandfather, uncle, or family friend.


  1. Learn the story about Saint Thomas More. How did his martyrdom mirror the martyrdom of Saint George? What does the Catholic do when his nation asks him to act contrary to his faith and conscience? Would you, by the grace of God, lay down your life for your faith in Christ?
  2. How can we be patriotic, even if our nation and politicians promote evil laws contrary to the will of God?
  3. Explain to a parent or guardian in your own words what is meant by “natural law.”*

Manly Skills

  1. With the help of an adult, make a wooden shrine to Christ our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or one of the saints for your home or yard.
  2. Using your hands and tools, make one thing that could help the Catholic liturgical life on your campouts. Build a confession screen, build candle sticks for Mass, etc.
  3. What is your favorite sport? Learn the rules of the game, its history, and its greatest heroes.
  4. Learn how to play darts, billiards, and poker.

Final Requirement for Saint George Dragon Slayers: April 23rd Saint George Pilgrimage

The 5th grade “Saint George” Cadets, with the help of parents/guardians and the Troop’s officers, should organize a pilgrimage or day trip together during which they visit a shrine, pilgrimage site, cathedral, or historic church of significance. It should be in the spring (toward the end of their training) and preferably on April 23rd – the feast day of Saint George. The day should end with a fun organized dinner or activity that the cadets help plan. We foresee a big grill-out in the backyard or a picnic with sports at a park to end this special day.

This pilgrimage marks the end of the cadet’s life as a “Junior Cadet” and from now on they are known as “Senior Cadets.” Note that all the Junior Cadets should have already completed all the mandatory requirements beforehand.

* Parents/Guardians are encouraged to use approved Catholic catechisms for youth to help
with these questions, such as the Baltimore Catechism.

Requirements for Senior Cadets / Adults


Cadets entering into the Senior Patrols, whether a former Junior Cadet, a new member Cadet, or an Adult member, it is required that ALL mandatory requirements of Saint George’s Dragon Slayers are completed prior to receiving the Saint George Dragon Slayer patch, a Senior Cadet patrol patch, Silver AC stars, or leadership roles. All Senior Cadets should be in the (6th Grade or 11 years old and older, adults are included)

Ranking System for Senior Cadets (6th grade and up)

  • 1 Star Cadet = 4 Achievement courses
  • 2 Star Cadet = 8 Achievement courses
  • 3 Star Cadet = 12 Achievement courses
  • 4 Star Cadet = 16 Achievement courses

In keeping with the father/guardian and son Troops of Saint George mission, as a father /guardian completes the Achievement Course requirements alongside his son, the youth cadet will receive a Silver Achievement Course Star patch with a Gold border for every 4 Achievement Courses completed together to signify to all their partnership. To secure this special award, the father / guardian must participate in ALL four Achievement Courses completed for each star achieved.

Tribunes of Saint George for our Supreme Pontiff Requirements (Tribuni Sancti Georgii pro Pontifice Maximo Nostro)

The Tribune is the Highest Rank awarded to members of the Troops of Saint George.

Why Tribunes?

Saint George had reached the rank of Tribune before his martyrdom. The Order of Tribunes is a membership society that you cannot buy yourself into. A man must earn it and prove himself worthy. He will receive the patch and medal, which he will be able to wear with his uniform.

Who is Eligible?

This highest rank is attainable by men and boys. The Tribune’s award (known as the fibula) will consist of a red ribbon with a purple trim featuring a cross and the name of the Pope under which you earned your Membership. There will be no honorary Tribunes, as membership must be earned in ALL cases.

What MUST be accomplished in order to be considered a Tribune?

First, a Cadet/Dragon Slayer must complete all 16 Achievement Courses and then complete two final tasks:

  1. Tribunal Project
  2. Survival Ordeal

Achievement Courses (AC’s) List

16 Achievement Courses are required to enter into the Brotherhood of Tribunes:

  1. Altar Service AC (this AC is HIGHLY recommended, but not required based on regional eligibility)
  2. * Apologetics AC
  3. * Camping AC
  4. Ecology AC
  5. * Financial Stewardship AC
  6. Firemanship AC
  7. * First Aid-CPR AC
  8. Fishing AC
  9. Handiwork AC
  10. * Knots AC
  11. * Latin AC
  12. Leather Workmanship AC
  13. Machinery AC
  14. * Patriotism AC
  15. Public Speaking AC
  16. Scholarship AC
  17. * Strength AC
  18. Watercraft AC (COMING SOON)
  19. Hunting/Trapping AC (COMING SOON)
  20. Hiking AC (COMING SOON)

* 8 Mandatory Achievement courses on the path to the required 16.