General TSG Customs

  • Cadets should ALWAYS address adults with “sir” or “ma’am”.
  • Cadets should always, whether formal TSG activity or out in everyday life, greet and address their Officers by their Rank. If in the “civilian” realm, the Trinitarian Salute is not necessary.
  • “Standing at Attention”: As applicable, this posture requires the TSG member to stand with their chin up, chest out, shoulders back, heels connected, feet extended at approximate 45 degree angle and arms fixed to the side with their thumb parallel with their pants seam.
  • Refer to section on the Trinitarian Salute earlier in this document for specifics on the salute.
  • Saluting your National Flag:
    • Outdoor in Uniform: Trinitarian Salute to the brim of the hat or eyebrow if no hat.
    • Indoor in Uniform (remove hat): Trinitarian Salute to the eyebrow
    • Out and Indoor not in Uniform (remove hat): Place hand over heart
  • Salute your officers with the Trinitarian Salute when arriving and departing. Thank them when departing.
  • Taps: As applicable, stand at attention with no salute for the duration of taps

Ceremony for Hoisting or Lowering the National Flag

Facing the National Flag, and working Left to Right, The Troop Captain, 1st Lieutenant, Youth Sergeant and Youth Corporal will stand centered and between the flag pole and the Senior and Junior patrols.

Facing the National Flag, and working Left to Right, the Senior and Junior Cadets Patrol’s Leadership will line up. Behind the patrol leadership, and in 3 wide maximum formation lines, cadets and then adults will fill in the formation as seen in below diagram.

  • The patrols, left to right, will be the most senior to the least.
  • The front line of each patrol formation will check spacing by one arm length to their right with the balance of the patrol falling in neatly behind.
  • When falling into formation, the Adult and Youth Members should walk briskly.

Example Flag Formation (This formation can also be used for whenever the Captain needs to call the troop to order or to get a headcount. O = Adult Leadership / o = Youth Leadership / x = Youth Members / X = Adult Members):



Example Flag Ceremony “Call to Order”

Captain: (Exampled assumes marching in from the left)
Cadets rotate left to face the flag
Captain: “A –TEN –HUT”
Cadets go from rest to the “standing at attention” position
Cadets in front row adjust arm to shoulder length to the right
Cadets and adults line up with the cadets and adults in front of them

The Color Guard / Flag Bearers walk in a single file line and ready the flag.

Captain: “COLORS”

Either when the captain calls “HAND SALUTE”, or at the first bugle note, all salute.

Salute through the “colors” and Pledge of Allegiance, until bugle “1st call” or the captain calling “A – TEN – HUT”.

Cadets and adults fall out (prior to dismissal, Captain or other Leader may                                 address the formation to discuss the day’s agenda).