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Welcome to the Troop 1819 of Saint George Captain’s Report.

The Captain’s Report will be utilized to share information amongst the Officer’s and members of Troop 1819. Information will cover a variety of topics relevant to the operations of Troop 1819. **The most up-to-date report will always be listed at the top.


Entry 08-10-2017

Upcoming Events:

Sept 1-3, 2017: Troop 1819 of Saint George will be spending three days camping in Gallant, Alabama under the direct supervision of Randall’s Adventure Training, where specialized training in wilderness survival & techniques will be taught. The primary focus of the RAT instructors to assist fathers with introducing their son(s) into the world of the great outdoors. Subjects covered include cutting tool safety, fire making, and safety, campfire cooking, shelter, basic compass use, what to do if you get lost, etc. Morning prayers (Lauds) and evening prayers (Vespers) will be read daily by a Troop Officer with group rosary conducted by the campfire. Father’s, do not wait until the last minute to inspect your gear!

Planned Events:

I have contacted Canoe & Trail out of New Orleans, Louisiana to provide information on future outings. They offer educational outings over multiple locations within Southeast Louisiana. Multiple trips will be scheduled throughout the charter year, each growing in difficulty. The price for a regular youth group outing with 20+ paddlers is only $25 per paddler.

“On our educational outings, we typically teach some general steering techniques than paddle along a specific route stopping to teach the paddlers about the flora, fauna, and ecosystem in the area. We can offer an outing heavier on paddling instruction including safety techniques and lessons on preparing and packing properly for your future paddles”.

Logistics & Legal:

I have completed all necessary documents to apply for non-profit status. The documents are currently being reviewed for any errors and will be submitted in late September. The initial cost to file will be 275.00, which will be covered by myself and filed as operational expenses. Upon completion of our non-profit status, a donation and fundraising drive will be initiated to assist with obtaining the required equipment to operate successfully.