Different levels of experience and basic needs will greatly vary from person to person, but here is a non-inclusive list of basic things to bring or think about. I have listed some personal recommendations for quality equipment below:

Must have:

  1. Tent (hamac is an option) and sleeping bags.
  2. Mess kit (that is the most commonly forgotten item).  We do not provide any dinnerware.
  3. Toiletries
  4. Camp chair
  5. Canteen or bottle-type container for water.
  6. Flashlight
  7. Hiking boots are highly recommended since we live in snake, poison ivy, and chigger country (same goes for long pants).  We discourage tennis shoes, unless notified prior to event.
  8. Hat
  9. Bug repellent
  10. Sun block
  11. 3rd Class Uniform: Rosary, pocket knife, pen.

Must NOT have:

  1. Cell phones or any type of electronics!  Some dads may not be able to do without them (i.e., work constraints), but they are NOT allowed for cadets at TSG camps or any TSG event.


  1. Basic pocket-type first-aid kit, although the troop has a well-outfitted full-size kit for everyone
  2. Compass:  Every boy should know how to use one!
  3. Note pad: you never know what your cadet(s) will learn and want to write down.
  4. Brush up on Louisiana venomous snakes and poisonous plants.  Troop 1819 will provide pocket cards and training for your cadet(s). However, additional review prior to camping is recommended.

To address the common question of pocket knives, even though they are part of our most basic uniform, dads know their son(s) better than anyone and will decide what is appropriate.  But to quote Baden Powell,  “If you can’t trust a boy with a knife, you can’t trust him at all.”  We maintain a close eye on the use of knives, and clearly brief all cadets at every camp on the do’s, dont’s, and associated consequences.


  • Your virtues.
  • Your good humor.
  • Your willingness to help and participate.
  • Your initiative.
  • Your involvement.