This is a 24-hour ordeal for the young man or man that tests the Tribune Candidate’s knowledge of the 20 Achievement courses. It consists of Day 1, Night, and Day 2. The candidate cannot eat past 1pm on the day his trial begins (Day 1).

The Tribune Candidate is given the following 12 items:

  1. Tarp no bigger than 10 foot by 10 foot
  2. A metal cup
  3. Compass and map marked with final destination
  4. Flint and Steel
  5. Drier lint or charred cloth
  6. Pocket knife
  7. Fishing line and one hook
  8. 1 canteen full of water
  9. Roll of Duct Tape
  10. Roll of String
  11. 1 hotdog to be used as food, fish bait, or for trapping
  12. Fog horn
  13. First Aid kit

The candidate is not allowed to use the fog horn or first aid kit unless he runs into trouble or becomes injured. The fog horn is to signal for help or to signal that he gives up and forfeits.

On Day 1, between 1pm and sundown, the Tribune Candidate is blindfolded and taken by others to an unknown location.

During his 24 hour Ordeal, the Tribune Candidate should:

  1. Pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy on both Day 1 and Day 2
  2. Formally Consecrate Himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary (ideally using the 33 day preparation of Saint Louis de Montfort prior to this Ordeal)
  3. Read Sacred Scripture, preferably readings from Proverbs and the four Gospels

After noon on Day 2, the Candidate must compose a poem or personal reflection of his time in the woods. He can share it or keep it private. He should keep this reflection as the special testimony of his time with God in the wilderness.

After sundown on Day 2, using his compass and map, the Candidate must stalk up on the destination marked on the map where his troop will be waiting for him. To the best of his ability he must sneak into the camp and reveal himself alive to the Troop. He will reveal himself by shouting “Saint George!” and the troop will respond “Pray for us” and will congratulate and celebrate him and his accomplishment.

Immediately after being celebrated, the Troop will award him with a grilled steak, which is already prepared for him along with a nice dinner and dessert.

The Captain will promise him the rank of Tribune and welcome him into the Tribunes of Saint George.

An official ceremony will be held soon after at the local parish or at an appropriate setting where the man’s family and friends can be present. Ideally, the rank and membership should be conferred after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If the new Tribune would like to share his Ordeal poem or reflection, this would be the occasion for him to do so.

Saint George Pray for Us!