Achievement Course: Strength
Recommended Ages: 15-18 years of age
Approximate Completion Time Frame: Varies

St. Christopher lived during the 3rd century. He was a martyr that died for his Christian Faith. There are legends about him concerning his great strength and faithfulness. One legend states that a child needed to cross a river and wanted St. Christopher’s help. When St. Christopher picked up the child he noticed that the child felt a lot heavier than expected. When St. Christopher looked up at the child on his shoulders he noticed that it was the Child Jesus with the weight of the world on His shoulders. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, he is invoked against storms, and plagues.

Objective: To demonstrate an above average level of physical fitness.


These fitness tests are designed to determine a minimum level of fitness and the average 15 year old cadet should not have much of a challenge achieving at these levels if he has a mind to do it. Please make sure you are prepared for the physical activity that is called for by this Achievement Course. We expect that most cadets will have to work up to achieving each test involved in this AC. Please do not attempt any of these tests without discussing your preparation with your father/guardian to ensure physical readiness. Remember that it is better to have to do the test multiple times than to hurt yourself by pushing beyond your present abilities. The below tests can be done separately. The tests will be administered by the cadet’s father/guardian or troop leadership. Below are included links to YouTube on how to properly do the exercise.

There will be cases where one of these exercises can’t be done by a cadet for unique reasons, if you find yourself in that situation please offer an alternative to your troop leadership for consideration.

Please ensure you have a monitor when you are practicing or testing in the pool.

  1. Run 2 miles in under 18 minutes or Hike with a 40 lbs. load 5 miles. Both tests should be done on flat course.
  2. Bear Crawl 30 yards.
  3. Fireman carry a person of similar build for 25 meters (~ 27 yards)
  4. Run 40 yards in under 8 seconds.
  5. Run 400 meters (~ ¼ mile) in 110 seconds
  6. Perform 5 complete pull-ups or using 60% of your body weight perform 10 consecutive repetitions of pull downs.
  7. Perform 30 push-ups or using 60% of your body weight perform 10 consecutive repetitions of bench press.
  8. Perform 40 crunches.
  9. Perform 10 lunges on each leg (alternating) without resting between repetitions.
  10. Skip rope for 60 seconds without interruption.
  11. Swim 250 meters continuously. This can be done in a pool but should be done without rest on the turns. You may use any stroke you like.
  12. Swim 15 meters underwater on a single breath.
  13. Swim 50 meters in full uniform (class A) with boots on. You may use any stroke you like.
  14. Tread water in the deep end of a pool for 15 minutes. First 5 minutes in full uniform (class A), then remove boots and retain them and finish the final 10 minutes of treading water. You may bob, float or flutter but you may not touch the bottom or the sides of the pool.

Additional information will be provided within the “blog” section of this webpage.