Achievement Course: Apologetics
Recommended Ages: 10-18 years of age
Approximate Completion Time Frame: 3-6 months

St. Justin Martyr is the patron saint of Catholic apologists. He was born at the beginning of the second century and studied pagan philosophy. He turned to Christianity after finding the source of Truth, which the pagans weren’t able to explain. He was astounded by the zeal and love shown by the Christian martyrs and converted to Christianity. He opened a school in Rome to teach Greek philosophy through the lens of Christianity. As an apologist, he wrote on defending the Christian Faith. He was martyred for the Faith around 165 by Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Objective: To demonstrate how to defend your Catholic Faith in charity and love while drawing others closer to Christ.


  1. Define the term “apologetics.”
  2. Where do we get the word apologetics?
  3. Saint Peter asks us to do apologetics with two attitudes.
    1. What are those two attitudes?
  4. Write a one page report on three of the following great defenders of the Catholic Faith and explain which heresies each refuted. If they wrote monumental books, be sure to include them in your essay.  Choose 3 of the following Catholic apologists:
    1. Saint Justin Martyr
    2. Saint Augustine of Hippo
    3. Saint Leo the Great
    4. Saint Cyril of Alexandria
    5. Saint John of Damascus
    6. Saint Thomas Aquinas
    7. G.K. Chesterton

Defending many misunderstood Catholic doctrines of our time. Be able to answer the following objections that people make against Catholicism.

  1. Sit with your TSG officer and refute the following errors without notes or a script.
    1. Refute: “Catholics worship Mary.”
    2. Refute: “Praying to saints is wrong. You should only pray to God.”
    3. Refute: “The Eucharist is just a symbol. It’s not really the Body and Blood of Jesus.”
    4. Refute: “Mary is not the Mother of God.”
    5. Refute: “Why do you worship the Pope? The Pope is not infallible.”
    6. Refute: “Purgatory does not exist.”
    7. Refute: “You should not baptize babies because they don’t know what’s going on. You should only baptize adults.”
    8. Refute: “Abortion is not wrong.”
    9. Refute: “You don’t need to confess your mortal sins to a priest. Just confess them straight to Jesus.”

Make sure that you or your family own the tools that you need for Apologetics.

  • A Catholic Bible – TSG recommends the Douay Rheims Challoner Bible or the
    Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition.
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

(If your family does not have these resources, ask you parents to acquire them or save money to purchase them.)

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