81v5hmx2ysl-_sx522_Each Cadet was issued one (1) Altoid tin (minus Altoids) at the October 1st meeting with an overall dimension of 3.9″ length x 2.45″ depth x .875″ height. Cadets were instructed to fill their tin with any item that was currently in their household that could assist them in a wilderness survival situation. NO items could be purchased! Fathers were instructed to allow their sons to use their imagination and only provide minimal assistance.

Each tin will be presented at the October 29th meeting, the contents of each tin will be logged and discussed. Upon completion of the initial review, Cadets will be permitted to updated their survival tins and be carried during any Troop 1819 camp outs along with their pocket knive and rosary. The contents of each Cadet will be noted under this assignment for both the initial and secondary review.