30 Reasons Kids Benefit From The Outdoors

by Troy Robbins • Eureka! Tent Blog

Getting your kids to go outside is more than just getting some exercise and leaving the TV off for a few hours. There are a slew of benefits for children that get outside and have fun. The more your child starts to go outside the more likely they will keep it up.

1. Better Vision
Optometry and Vision Science has found that children that spend more time outside instead of inside tend to have better long distance vision.

2. Unique Social Skills
Kids will meet and interact with all kinds of different people from different states and countries. These interactions will broaden their understanding of people and make them better at human interactions.

3. Simply Being Outside has Benefits
The National Center for Biotechnology Information did a study that proved kids that spend more time in Green Outdoor situations show significantly reduced symptoms of ADHD, even while doing the same activity.

4. Calming
Whether for kids or adults, being outside around the trees and the grass makes for a calmer person. Cornell University claims that exposure to the outdoors shows noticeable changes in children’s levels of stress.

5. Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiencies in children is a growing and worrying trend. These deficiencies can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Soaking up some sunlight can offer an ample amount of Vitamin D to you and your kids.

6. Less Obesity
There is a direct correlation between children that spend more time indoors and obesity. When children are outside they want to be more active and even just an hour inside can make them more active once they come back inside.

7. Smarter
Schools that introduce outdoor programs have their students perform noticeably better in tests for math, reading, and writing.

8. Even Smarter
Those same Schools have their students perform better in creative tests that measure their ability to think critically and outside of the box, too.

9. Emotional Development
Having a few hours of outdoor time each day make children emotionally more mature. These children not only have better interactions with other children and adults, but they handle problems better than children that stay indoors.

10. Motor Skills
Outside children are able to experience the full range of Motor Skills, both gross and fine. Utilizing these Motor Skills simultaneously allow children to learn new physical skills quicker.

11. More Sensory Exposure
In the outdoors children will experience a full range of Sensory Exposure. They will touch, hear, smell, and experience a lot of unique things. This improves a child’s understanding for most anything ranging from art to social interactions to science.

12. Respect for the Outdoors
When children grow up while being outside either playing, camping, or for sports they will have a lot of respect for nature. This respect will make sure they don’t litter and take good care of their environment, but simply feeling respect allows them to be more open and understanding to other things.

13. Immune System
The Immune system is all about controlled exposure. Too much exposure and a child can easily get sick. Too little exposure means they will never build up an Immune system than can fight off anything. Just being in the outdoors gives kids a great head start for fighting sickness and diseases.

14. Problem Solving Skills
When a child is outside their life is a bit more hectic. They must think around corners to figure out certain problems. The repeated act of trying to figure things out creates a great Problem Solving Skill set.

15. Air Quality
The Air outside is simply better than the Air inside. Dust and other debris particles makes indoor air taste recycled. Getting some fresh outdoor Air can make children feel better while having long-term health benefits.

16. Habit Forming
The more a child spends outside the more they will want to. Your child will find their own reasons to go hiking, biking riding, and play sports even without further encouragement.

17. Imagination Play
Children that play outside are more creative and have better Imagination Play. This means they are creating more unique and new situations in their brains. The more a child does this the easier it is for them to learn new things.

18. Understanding of Science
When a child spends time outdoors they get to see Science first hand. They can see rain clouds, rainbows, and more. This first hand experience of science can create an interest in science that propels your child into school and maybe even a career.

19. Better Sleep
A child that plays outside a lot and burns a lot of energy will sleep better than a child stuck in the house all day. Having a healthy sleep schedule is important for physical, emotions, and mental well being.

20. Energy Burner
Some kids just have a lot of energy, no matter what. Inside it can be hard to get them to burn off that energy and experience moments of calm comfort. When the child spends a lot of time outside, though, they are able to burn off the excess energy and really take it easy for once.

21. Incorporation of Skills
Outside your child will have to couple informal play with formal thoughts and teachings. This combination of Imagination Play and School Learning can make school seem more important as they have an experience with using that knowledge, especially when it’s for play.

22. Better Attention
The more a child spends outside playing and doing new things the better they are at paying attention. This is basically the reason for recess at school, but it has long term benefits, too. The more they play outside the more Attention they will have once indoors.

23. Leadership Skills
Being Outside means they have to take charge, even when they are following their family around. The more a child has experience with Leadership the easier it will be for them to take over and take charge. Leadership builds confidence, too.

24. Better Vocabulary
Outside a child is going to see all kinds of new things, ranging from acorns to zebras. Every time they see one of these new things they are going to want to learn what it is. The more vocabulary they acquire the easier it is to acquire new and more advanced vocabulary later on.

25. Pattern Recognition
Nature is made out of patterns. Spirals in the clouds, segments on worms, the swirl of tree bark. All of this has to do with patterns. The more a child sees these patterns the better they will understand the patterns they see in the future. And this can help with everything from social skills, to language, to math.

26. Sames and Differences
Understanding a value of something is a necessary skill for development. Adults get so good at it that we don’t know how we do it, but we do it by recognizing the similarities and differences between things. The more you do the better you are at seeing value in things. The outdoors is a great place for a child to improve these skills

27. Persistence
The more time spent indoors creates a lack of persistence as a child can just skip what they are having trouble with and do something new. Outside a child must be more persistent if they want to accomplish their task. The more they learn how to be persistent and get results the more successful they will be as a student and adult.

28. Self-Esteem
The more a child is outdoors accomplishing unique tasks and learning the better their Self-Esteem will be. Being able to set up a tent with Dad and making a campfire with Mom will make things like tests at school seem not scary and easily accomplished.

29. Independence
Inside it can be hard for a child to feel Independent. But outside, even with family around, there are a lot of situations where they will feel alone. After they experience times like this they will feel stronger and more Independent.

30. Fun
Being outside is fun. It is a different kind of fun than playing a game, or watching a movie, or being with friends at school. The more unique situations in which your child can experience fun the more open they will be to all things later in life.

As you can see, when a child gets outside consistently and often they are just better equipped for the rest of their life. Being outside helps a child become stronger, smarter, and happier, so make sure yours gets out there, too.

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